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Smooth Custom Clearance for Hassle-free Trading.

Custom clearance involves the process of verifying and documenting goods passing through borders to ensure compliance with regulations.

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Responsible handling of dangerous goods

Safely Transport Hazardous Materials with Our Expert Dangerous Goods Handling Service.

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Welcome to Direct Drive Logistics LLC

Airfreight company with flexibility and guaranteed capacity for your high-value cargo

Direct Drive Logistics LLC is a renowned logistics firm that specializes in a wide range of transportation modes such as airfreight and sea freight. We thrive on putting our experience in to practice for our customers individual and varied logistical requirements.
As a service provider, we deliver excellent solutions to our customers by establishing long-term business relationships to ensure smooth transportation requirements. Also involved in assuring the passage of commodities from the time the product is manufactured until it arrives at its destination. Our fast, reliable, and efficient transportation solutions ensure that your shipment arrives at its destination as quickly as possible, minimizing any potential delays or disruptions. We are able to supply our customers with an appropriate mode of transportation by integrating various operations such as air, ocean, courier, cross-Trade, imports and exports.


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Direct Drive Logistics


Air Freight being a fundamental part of worldwide commercial business, Direct Drive Logistics LLC committed to providing superior air freight services for both International & Domestic Customers. We specifies in forwarding International Cargo Services shipment suppliers and exporters in UAE to all over the world. Our close working relationship with all the cargo carriers and all international airlines enables us to diligently handle end-to-end delivery of cargo. Our cost-effective rates ensure that our clients remain competitive in the global markets in which they operate.


Direct Drive Logistics company executives are experienced in handling ocean cargo. We ensures the smooth handling of your LCL & FCL import & export cargo. We can provide you with a comprehensive range of Import and Export international ocean freight services.
Our experienced staff handle all the details you need such as booking shipment and preparing documentation. The shipments are booked on the vessel sailing to the closest port of your shipments destinations. Through our services we are able to obtain better routing and cost saving for you.


Customs procedures hold significant importance in the UAE due to its pivotal role as a global transshipment hub linking the East and the West. As a reputable Customs Broker operating in the UAE, Direct Drive Logistics adeptly manages all customs protocols across air, sea, and land border gateways. Our seasoned team possesses comprehensive expertise in handling every aspect of the process, from scheduling shipments to preparing documentation. We ensure that your shipments are promptly booked on vessels bound for the nearest port to their destinations. Leveraging our services, we secure optimal routing and cost efficiencies for your operations, facilitating smoother logistics processes.

DG Documentation & Handling

Our team members possess the latest qualifications mandated by regulations, enabling them to handle a comprehensive range of hazardous materials. We possess proficiency across all dangerous goods classifications, enabling us to offer an extensive service encompassing the logistics of dangerous goods. This encompasses a wide spectrum, from Oxidizing Substances to Flammable Liquids, chemicals, paints, and adhesives Dangerous Gases, Corrosive Materials, Flammable Solids, Toxic & Infectious Substances, Biological agents, Dry Ice, and even the handling and documentation of armored vehicles.


We will handle your tiny shipments (LCL – Less than Container Load), large cargo (FCL – Full Container Load), and even project cargo from almost anywhere in the world.

Customs Brokerage

Our team of dedicated customs brokers is here to simplify the process for you, ensuring seamless clearance of your goods across borders. From preparing and submitting documentation to calculating duties and taxes, we handle it all with precision and professionalism. With our in-depth knowledge of customs laws and regulations, we expedite the clearance process, saving you time and hassle. Trust us to be your reliable partner in facilitating smooth cross-border transactions, so you can focus on your core business activities with peace of mind.

DG Packing and Labelling

Customs procedures are much more important in the UAE because it is a worldwide transshipment hub between the East and the West. As a fully qualified Customs Broker in the UAE, Direct Drive Logistics handles all customs processes at air, sea, and land border gateways. The Direct Drive Logistics team is well-versed inOur experienced staff handle all the details you need such as booking shipment and preparing documentation. The shipments are booked on the vessel sailing to the closest port of your shipments destinations. Through our services we are able to obtain better routing and cost saving for you.

Automobile Logistics

Our specialization lies in the meticulous handling of luxury vehicles such as Ferraris, Bentleys, Mercedes Benz, rally cars, and other high-end vehicles through air freight services from Dubai to global destinations. Furthermore, we are actively engaged in coordinating the secure transportation of armored vehicles via air charters to regions including Afghanistan, Iraq, and Western Africa.


When a comprehensive and hassle-free solution for moving goods is your requirement, your search ends here. Our door-to-door delivery services are managed by dedicated experts who ensure strict adherence to the most rigorous quality standards. Furthermore, our door-to-door delivery services are esteemed by our esteemed clients for their dependability, punctual execution, and efficient cost management. Rest assured that your items will be handled with utmost care and delivered to your doorstep with precision and professionalism.

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We specialize in providing top-tier logistics solutions that streamline your supply chain, Air Fright, custom Clearance,Dangerous Goods Documentation,enhance operational efficiency, and drive business growth.


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